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Whether I'm on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, it is the topic that is on everyone's minds.......EXAMS!

Fortunately for me, I have finished my exams however I know a lot of people who are in exams blocks or are preparing for exams, so I decided to share some tips that have gotten me through high school and 1st year uni, so I'm guessing they do work. 

Eating Habits:
Eat something before you go in. Try to eat a healthy meal. Food is a form of energy for the body and in order for your brain to function while your sitting your exams, nutrients from food will be needed. Some foods that I recommend are:

-Eggs- for breakfast, scramble eggs with toast, for lunch in a salad 
-Fish-Sushi, Piece of fish with some vegetables
-Fruit: Blueberries, strawberries, bananas

I generally have exams in the morning, so for my breakfast I would have eggs on toast and a small bowl of porridge. However, if you have not tried to eat those foods I have listed, DO NOT TRY THEM ON THE DAY OF YOUR EXAM! The worst thing would be to get sick prior your exam because some food didn't go down well. Also DRINK WATER, keep yourself hydrated, bring a bottle of water if you can, but don't drink to the point where you'll need to use the bathroom every 30 minutes in your exam.

Exam Foods

Take breaks during when you're studying. Do 30 minutes then take a 5 minute break, go grabs some water, go outside, watch something on youtube or go on Facebook. I found this help stop my constant procrastination. 

Go to sleep early! I generally will go to bed about 9pm if I have an exam the next morning, however I like to wake up 5/6am to revise and get myself in the zone. It might not work for you if you're a night person, but I found it helpful. I'm always tossing and turning the night before an exam however I think I found a trick to make me sleepy and have a good night sleep: Exercise! I find if I go out for a run/walk in the afternoon, I sleep like a baby that night. 

I'll leave you with this: 
Very True

Last of all, best of luck!

Comment below if any of it has worked for you or any other exam tips! 



Disclaimer: none of the pictures were taken/made by me. 

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