Packing for me is probably one of the hardest part of travelling! It also something that I dread because I want to fit my whole wardrobe in one suitcase. It is especially hard to pack lightly when you're are heading to such as cold place like the UK & Ireland! You probably don't know but I'm off to the UK & Ireland for 5 weeks!  

I know a lot people that are going away for Christmas, so I hope this post will help some of you! A tip I for packing is stick with your staples items! I have shown some items that I have packed for my trip below. 

I've picked out my favourite and most comfortable jeans to take with me. Although it does not help that most of them are skinnys or slim fitting jeans and I need to fit thermals under them! But these jeans goes with almost of everything. 
L-R Stella McCartney for Target, American Eagle, Country Road, J Brand 

I've gone with pretty much all black with my accessories, except for the pom pom of my beanie and the top of my gloves. Black is a neutral colour that goes with everything which is why I've pick these. 
Scarf-Boutique in NZ
Gloves- Marc
For my jumpers to put under my coat, I have selected a couple of neutral colours while my Jag and Bardot jumper are more colourful. The colourfully pieces will add a bit of colour to my outfit as my coat is grey and black. 
L-R Bardot, G by Guess, Jag, Country Road, Ralph Lauren

These are just some of the bits and pieces I have packed for my trip! There is quite a lot more, like my boots, PJ's, shoes, socks and whatever else I seem to need. But I've also left some rooms to allow myself to shop! 

 Lots of Love Tanya

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