London Calling


London is renowned for its iconic locations, fashion and countless restaurants. This city has been on top of my 'go to list' for a while. The scenery, the accents and the fashion drew me in. I had the absolutely pleasure of visiting London last month and the novelty still hasn't worn off since I've been back.

The city has such so much to offer and I had so little time. Squeezing onto the tubes, picking a place to eat and zipping in and out of shops was all part of my week in London. It was exciting to see things in the flesh, the London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the list goes on! These places were a definite must see on my list and luckily for me I got to see them all.  Even seeing red buses, telephone boxes and underground was exciting.

Underground Signs
View from River Thames 

Kensington Palace

There were restaurants and food outlets everywhere. Picking a place to eat was probably one of the hardest things my friends and I had to do on this trip. First of all there is every cuisine you could possibly think of and many of them are highly rated. This became a challenge, to decide what we want and where we wanted to go. Some highly recommended places are Patty and Bun on Bond St, the Kensington Creperie located in South Kensington and Gail's Bakery. Gail's bakery is a must for breakfast or a quick snack on the go, we ended up going there twice.
Gail's Bakery, amazing french toast and gingerbread man

Shopping is another word when I hear the word London and I did heaps of it! There were so many brand that we just don't have here in Australia. The variety is endless. I wish I could buy one of everything at some stores. H & M was definitely at the top of my list. This brand just needs to open in Australia already!  It was cheap and it looked good, that's all you need isn't it? Another shop was Jack Wills, it was 'Fabulously British'. From the bags to the accessories, I definitely could have brought everything there. I love the chic and preppy style they had going! All Saints is another brand, I absolutely loved! The label does simple and sleek very well.

There were so many place I they I didn't get to see and I can't wait to go back!

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