NYX in Australia!


NYX has finally hit our shores! Target is now stocking NYX, at last. I've heard so many good reviews on NYX products and I wanted to purchase some of their products the other day on the Urban Outfitters website. Curious, I decided to google 'NYX in Australia' to find out they are now stocked at Target in Australia. I believe they are stocked in most, if not all Target stores, however if your nearest Target doesn't have them, they are also on their online store. I went along to Target the next day and purchased two items, I got the NYX Matte Finish and the NYX blush in Pinched. I have yet to try them. These products are slightly more expensive then if you were to purchase them on Urban Outfitter but there is also a really high shipping cost, so it does work out cheaper.

I hope other makeup brand follow in their footstep! They are definitely some brands I can't wait to get my hands on!

Disclaimer: These products are not endorsed!

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