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I love the smell of perfumes and I seems to have a few sitting in my room. Unfortunately I have yet to find my signature scent which is why I've got a few perfume sitting here and there.  But lately I've been reaching either one of these scents everyday. Since it's spring, I thought this would be the perfect post especially as the flowers will be blossoming!

Marc Jacob Daisy (Eau So Fresh): This has got to be my favourite scent lately! It pretty much sums it up in the title, fresh! This line of perfume from Marc Jacob is a popular one, everytime I get a whiff of it, it reminds me of spring. It's definitely a light floral scent, which I think is perfect for spring. This one, I feel stays on for quite a while on my skin. I also love the daisy's that sit on the top, which I think is pretty cute.

Vera Wang Princess: This one is almost empty, but I have had this one the longest. It's a very youthful scent, mainly floral with a hint of oriental to the smell. The packaging is also very elegant, in a love heart shape with a crown. I'd probably wouldn't buy this again straight away, after I have finished it, as I don't think its a signature scent. But maybe in the future, I would pick this up again. 

Pink, Pretty & Pure: This is a very floral scent! It's a Victoria Secret scent, which I'm not sure if they stock anymore. The name of the scent sums up the feel of the scent quite well. This is another scent that stays on the skin for a very long time. If I've sprayed this on a jacket the next time I wear it, I can still smell it! 

Hope you like this post! 
Lots of Love,

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