The Tartan Trend


I've been a bit MIA this week and probably for the last couple of weeks due to mid-sem exams, but I just finished one this morning! Hopefully, this means more time on my hands. It's still a bit chilly here  even though it's spring, but here's a new outfit post. This one is a bit different to my normal style, it's kinda been inspire by my brother. I have been loving my tartan lately, so this a different way to wear it. It was also a rainy day which is why I was wearing knee high boots, which were waterproof. I would probably wear black ankle boots if it wasn't raining. The tartan top can be used as an accessory or to keep warm if it's cold. Black jeans would also work with this outfit. I'm loving the tartan & leather combo, its a bit of a rocker chic kinda style this one.

Top: Valleygirl
Tartan top: Gap
Jacket: H & M 
Pants: H & M
Shoes: Rockport
Bag: Longchamp
Rings: assorted

Lots of Love,

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