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Special Sunday Post! So I was recently nominated by the lovely Kate from Professional explorer of life for the Liebster Award. Honestly had not heard of this award, but I've seen it circling around, if anyone is curious as to what it is here's a little link (seems a little dodgy I know). It seemed like a bit of fun and it's always nice to ready more about fellow bloggers. So here are the rules.....

Answer the questions that have been sent to you.
Nominate 11 other Bloggers who have under 200 followers on Twitter. (or more followers seems to a couple of different rules)
Include 11 questions of your own for them to answer in their post.

Here were the questions I got from Kate: 
1. Where is one place in the world that you are desperate to go to?
The Maldives! It just seems so peaceful and calm there, it would definitely be all about the sun, sand and relaxation which I always love. I'd also really want to stay in a bungalow on the water, don't they just look so cool? 

2.  If you could only use one makeup brand, which would you choose?
This really got me thinking! Thanks Kate! :) 
NARS! I have literally been eyeing every Nars product. I've already got two Nars product that I love to death, but  I'm definitely in need of the Nars laguna bronzer, the orgasm blush, the audacious lipsticks, concealer and the virtual domination palette (if you have not seen this palette check it out, I think it's love). I've already got this down pat! 3. What is one lip product that you could use for the rest of your life.
Ummm this is hard. I change up my lip product pretty much every day! But I would have to say the NYX butter gloss are my current favourite, so I'll just have to with that. 

4. You can create one ice cream flavour, what will you design?
I am stuck on this question. 
I've literally done all the other question and come back to this one, I honestly have no clue! I feel that every flavour is probably been done. There's this place that every time my friends and I go to, we ALWAYS get this marshmallow and nutella calzone, so maybe that in a ice cream would be cool (or even just marshmallow and nutella ice cream).  I'm not surprised if this is already a flavour, if it is, please let me know where I could buy it! 

5. What's that one song that always puts you in a good mood?
It changes all the time. Currently I would have to say shower by Becky G. I don't think I've found a song that just makes me reminisce about all the good memories or nothing that is very significant in my life, not yet anyways. 

6. Which beauty routine to you dread the most?
I really don't like the Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise routine. I'm so just lazy sometimes I really dread that process especially when I just want to go to bed. If that's the case, a quick cleanse will generally do. 

7. Do you prefer to use powder, pencil, gel or all three for your brows?
Pencil, I've tried gel and powder but I think the pencil is the easiest for me especially if I'm on the go and don't want to spend too much time on it. 

8. What is a skill or talent that you wish you had?
The ability to not study and get good grade (if that even is a skill). Maybe it just all the uni work I've been doing which is driving me crazy and left me with little time on my hands. I would save so much time and be able to do so much more thing in the day. 

9. Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring?
Summer! I love the beach and the sun, except it's really hot in the city during summer. But still it's summer if I'm down at the beach. I think I love summer because its a break from university/school so I can just waste the day without a care in the world. 

10. What would be your dream brand collaboration be? What would your line include?Mine would have to be something fashion related, I would love to do something with a high end brand or designer. Maybe Marc Jacobs, I love their bags but I would want to design something that is definitely for university. Like the perfect uni bag! (if anyone has one please let me know). The line would probably just be an accessories line, shoes, watch, phone cases & jewellery. 

11. Which celebrity do you wish you could be besties with?
Hmmmm so many celebrities I would love to be friends with. The Jolie-Pitts would be pretty sick, I don't know they just seem so diverse and cool. Actually any celebrity that I get along with, who is nice and be pals with.

I nominate:

Can't wait to read everyones answers! :) 

1. If your life could be a movie which one would it be? 
2. Favourite Nail polish colour?
3.How'd you come up with the name of your blog?
4.A song that gets you dancing? 
5.What inspired you to start a blog?
6. What is your holy grail product? (Just 1) 
7. What social media app can't you live without?
8.Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry?
9. A trend that you're loving?
10. Best moment in high school?
11. Quote that you live by?

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  1. Tanya I would use a uni bag designed for you by Marc Jacobs daily. I feel like I'm on a constant search for the quintessential handbag (that can fit a laptop and 2+ textbooks haha)

    1. haha thanks ria! After 2 years, you'd think we would have found something but still no bag that can fit everything!


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