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Lately study, assignment, exams and stress have just left me with very little time.Since I'm heading into the exam period, I thought I'd share with you my makeup during this time which is simple and quick. I sometime wear this look if I'm not doing anything special and don't want a face full of makeup. It's a very natural look that just covers the blemishes really. I tend to get heaps of breakouts when I'm stress so I've included my 2 go to products!

Must have study items/Makeup:

 Laptop: Can't live without this during my uni semester. That's all I'm gonna say
Pen and Notepad: For me writing my notes out makes me remember it better. 
Watch: Just to keep track of time when studying. 
Makeup(from top left):
Maybelline Big Eyes: Love this mascara, this just make you look a bit more awake and add something to your eyes. Don't forget to quickly curl your lashes first, if you have lashes like me! 
Maybelline LumiDream Pen (03): I use this under my eyes to brighten it. Lets face it, when you haven't had enough sleep, you need something to just make look a bit more presentable, this is my go to product. 
Nivea: Moisturise my lips, all day everyday. 
Glo Mineral pressed powder (Honey): I love this product when I don't want some thing thick on my face. It feels very light. I don't think I rave about this product enough, the name on the packaging has disappeared as I've thrown it around in my makeup bag and I've hit pan on this (I think this the first make-up product, must mean it I love it).
Real Technique Buffing brush: I apply the powder with this even though it comes with a little sponge,  personal choice really. 
Maybelline Age Rewind (Medium): Concealer is the key, dark circle, redness. Concealer is your best friend during this dark period. 
Ralph Lauren Romance: This smells really fresh and spring like. It just keeps me smelling nice throughout the day. 


My two go to skincare products are the tea tree medicated gel for acne and the La Roche Posay Effalcar Duo. As you can see by the packaging they're pretty well loved! These two keep my spots under control. I don't have a preference on which one I use. I use to just use the Effaclar but then when I brought the Tea Tree and it does an equally amazing job, I just alternate it. The Tea Tree gel has a very strong tea tree smell, which does linger on your skin for a bit. I quite like the smell so I'm not too fussed but if you can't stand it, go with the Effaclar Duo.

Lots of Love,


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