Manicure Monday's: White nails


Something different this week, manicure monday's, it will happen every once it a while. Probably when I don't have much time on my hand, which could be pretty often in the next couple of weeks with exams coming up! Anyways back to manicure talks!

I've been loving white nail polish. I think I fell in love with white nails when I saw it on Aimee Song's (Song of Style's) Instagram with all her rings, it was pretty on point. That's when I went out an brought myself some white nail polish. The one I have is a bit off white, it seems like it has a bit of grey tone to it but I would still classify it in the white category. The OPI polish I've got is NLM37 My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Another lovely white polish from OPI is Alpine Snow, this is definitely more of a white, but mine has decided to tip it self over and gone everywhere so I had to find an alternative, since I couldn't find that one.

Lots of Love,

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  1. I quite like with nail polish on other people but on me it always looks horrible. Can't figure out why.

    Feathers and Brushes | Swiss | Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. At first I think it could look like whiteout but I definitely think you should give it a go!


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