Pop of Colour!


I may as well make this blog a black and white style blog, it seems like that is all I ever wear (which is kinda of true). But I do love bright colours even if I don't necessarily wear them. For me, it's always hard to put on brights. So with this outfit, I decided to go all black with some tan shoes and a bright tassel necklace. It's a bit different to some other necklace and it's neon bright. I got this necklace a while back, but I didn't really know what to pair it with so black was the way to go. 

Top & Pants: Country Road (I didn't realise this at the time! Not supported by Country Road)
Tassel Necklace: From a boutique
Fine Necklace: Jack Wills
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Tony Bianco 

Hope you like this outfit!

Lots of Love,

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