Makeup Monday's: UK beauty products


I wrote my friend Kate a little (or big) list of predominately beauty products I'd recommend as she was heading to London & Paris. I thought I might as well share here. Some of the products I have tried, as I brought them last year but some are purely just off recommendations of mainly youtubers and reading reviews. Most of the products are drugstore/chemist type brands, which can be found at boots or super drug. The things that I've put on the list are either things you can't buy in Australia in stores (you can probably buy all this stuff online) or they're significantly cheaper over there. I've also thrown in a few fashion brands.

*Items with an asterisk, are items I have tried.

An US one will be up next week! As I'm heading that way in a couple of weeks, so it'll be a little wish list!

Lots of Love,

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