The day started with no plans......


So I haven't really had a real day off probably in the past 6 months! Life can sometime be a little crazy with university, work and internships! But as it draws to the end of the year, it can some times calm down a bit especially if you've finished uni for the year like me and finally have a real day off. I just thought I'd do a mid week post, on what I ended up doing on my 'no plans day'. Pretty much I'd started off the day with nothing pressing to do or attended to, which is always nice one in a while. If you haven't had one of these days in a while I highly recommended it when you've finish everything off or if you're on of those people who can forget about all the due dates then go ahead and have one of these days (I personally can't!).

 I think I'm gonna let you guys into my 'foodie' life. I love go out for a nice meal once in a while (or maybe every couple of days....) and I thought I might as well share it here from time to time.

I decided to go and have breakfast with my mum and my brother this morning which was lovely. As it has been a while since I've gone out for brekkie! We went to Samson and Sophie Cafe. I had never been there before but they did an amazing breakfast. I had Italian Sausage and a brace yourself.....iced mocha (A post of the daisy nails in the pic will be up next monday)! I thought I was over my iced mocha phase since I've finished uni and don't really need caffeine but clearly I'm not! It was super filling to the point where I couldn't finish it, maybe I should have gone with a less filling drink! But it was still amazing!

Iced Mocha in a Mason jar!

Then I ended up going on an impromptu lunch, a couple of hours later. I went for Japanese this time, at a place called Ren. This is one of the Japanese restaurants that I constantly go back to. Today I had something different, I had a cold soba! What came out was completely unexpected, I had just expected cold noodles. What came out was a soba on top of ice, I had no clue how to eat it so I just poured the dressing over the noodles and it was pretty good! Not sure if this is the correct way to eat it though! Still a delicious lunch though!

Soba on ice?
Normally I don't go out twice a day for food but it just seemed to happen today! As for the the rest of the day, I went to the gym (definitely needed to work out for a bit after the meals I had consumed!), ended up making a beauty appointment/attending that, captured some pics for some upcoming blog post and cleaning my room! Now I'm here blogging with a mud mask on! Perfect end to a day really!  Sometimes you need days where there is no time limit on yourself to just do pretty much nothing but make impromptu plans! Hope you guys find some time to have a 'no plans day'!

Lots of love,

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