Manicure Monday: Pink and Silver


I've been looking for a baby pink like this for so long and I think I've finally found the perfect pink! I really wanted a pink that wasn't sheer, I've found so many nice pink but I've had to paint like 5 coats to make it some what opaque. With this one, I only had to do two coats and I got the result I was hoping for! I added a silver statement nail as a kinda Christmas thing. The nails probably last around 5ish days depending if you're doing much work. I really do like the formula just wish it did last a bit longer. I painted my nails with the revlon gel envy then left the ring finger and painted that silver. With the Barry M, I had to do about 3 coats to make it quite opaque. I then went over the pink with the Diamond Top coat and the silver I went over it with the Revlon quick dry, this gave it a more smooth finish over the silver.

Left to Right: Barry M limited edition, Revlon quick dry top coat, Colour Envy Cardsharp, Gel Envy top Coat

Lots of Love,

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