January Favourites!


First month of the year is almost done! Hope everyone has a fab start to the year! I thought I would share my January favourites with you guys seeing as I haven't done a favourites in a while. I don't have too many this time only a couple mainly beauty products.

Nike Free: I have been loving these shoes, not sure if it's because I love the sport luxe look or if they just comfy shoes. I have been exploring as some of you may know, so these shoes definitely allowed me to feel somewhat comfortable whilst walking around all day. Highly recommend these if your thinking about getting them. PS they look good with jeans without looking daggy! 

Bioderma: I do love wearing liner and mascara pretty much on a daily basis and as you who wear it would know, if you don't have makeup remover you can end up looking like a panda! Which I tend to sometime so this rescues me from that look. It's so easy to use this with a remover pad and just off it goes. I also use it on my face as well just to remove any makeup. 

Clinque Moisture Surge: Not sure if I've shared this one before but this is my go to moisturiser. It's a gel formula which I like a lot more than creams, as my face can tend to be oily the gels gives more of a matte texture I think. This one is I think their travel size one but I did end up getting a normal tub of it! 

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation: I love this stuff!  I used everyday when I was away and I'm still using it on days I wear heavier makeup! The foundation just stays on, feels quite light on my skin and covers up imperfections. I've even got my mum on to this, she's got the sheer glow one, may end up stealing her's too! 

Chance Chanel Perfume: This was an early birthday present from my Aunty. I love the scent of it. It's quite refreshing and light, which I like in a perfume. 

Real Technique miracle complexion sponge: Yes it needs a wash. It's also probably on the verge of dying cos I don't wash it often enough and I use it way too often! I use it to apply my Nars foundation and it just glides onto the skin. I also use it for buff in concealer. There is a youtube video that shows you what else it can be used for but I'm happy just using it for concealer and foundation. 

Last but not least! Probably my absolute favourite thing ever! NARS virtual domination palette: I was pretty desperate to get my hands on one of these and I DON'T REGRET IT! I love the blushers in it and the bronzer. The blushers just look so natural and so too does the bronzer. It also blends really easily! I'm still bit unsure of the illuminator, it has a very strong shimmer to it. Which I think can be a tad too much for every day use and can seem to go everywhere if you're not careful but I'm still using it. 

That's a lot longer than I expected it! 
Hope you guys liked it. I may have some exciting post coming up! 

Lots of Love,

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