Makeup Monday: Holiday Make-up Bag


It's been a super long day! But I thought I might sneak a quick post up before bed. To everyone in Australia, Happy Australia Day! Anyways I recently came back from a holiday but I never posted a what's in my holiday makeup bag. So here is some of the things I took!

To be honest, I took too much make up over and could probably have left some at home! Things I could have left at home were:
  • The Naked Palette: yes it does have all these eye shadows but I think I may have just used it once. And it's actually quite hard to bring it around cos it doesn't really fit in the makeup bag and one of the shadows kinda shattered. Just be very careful when you take eyeshadow cos it seems to be easily damaged, which is kind of a pain when you're travelling to many places.
  • Lip products: I really didn't need all those different coloured lipsticks! Cos I ended up with just too much lip products! 
  • Eyeliner pencils: I didn't really need the eye liner pencils as much I thought I was gonna use them as I tend to use my liquid liner and that is it.
Hope this may help anyone who is going away! 

Lots of Love,

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