Manicure Monday: Red and White Dot Nails


Back with mani Monday's! Last week a friend had this nail art on her nails but hers was on shellac I'm pretty sure. They looked amazing by the way! So I decided to give a go since I had a similar red colour (Rimmel Classical Red) that she seemed to have. It's a dark blood red colour, it seems lighter in the picture. It was pretty easy to do. I just applied two coats of the red polish. Then I used the dotting tool (from sportgirl) and used white polish (OPI my boyfriend scales walls) and dotted it where I wanted it. I quite like it, definitely one for beginners with nails, it just gives it a bit of an edge. 

Unfortunately, it's the third day and my nail polish are chipping! I didn't put an top coat over it as my revlon one is completely out, going to get a new one! If anyone has any recommendation (if it's the seche vite nail, I want it but I can't get it here) for top coat let me know! 

Send me a pic if you give it a go! 

Lots of Love,

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