Moonshine Jungle


He didn't need several outfit changes or a complicated stage, Bruno Mars with his vocals and band rocked out and put on a spectacular show.  I had the pleasure of going to Bruno Mars's Moonshine Jungle tour last week. If I could, I would love to relive that concert again! He put on a amazing show with perfect vocals. Him along with his band had so much energy on stage, it looked like they were having the time of their lives and I'm sure many people who have been to his shows would agree with me, when I say I was as well. He started the night with the song, Moonshine and finished with Gorilla. My favourite song was Just the Way You Are, however Natalie and When I Was Your Man were also up there. Not only did he have an beautiful voice, he had a beautiful smile, he is just a beautiful man in general! Here are some pictures from that night (taken from on my iPhone). 

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