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Spring is blossoming over here, which only means one thing on the social calendar. Spring Races! Race days are always fun, drinks are flowing being in the sun surrounded by friends. I went to the races a couple of weeks (maybe months ago),  even though it wasn't spring, I thought I'd share some tips and outfit ideas with you.

Outfits: Keep it somewhat classy, depending on the type of races you may need to look for something more formal than others. But think smart casual to semi-formal not clubbing attire. For the races a skin tight body con probably isn't the right attire.

Hats/Headwear: Although some races you may not need it, it's a bit of fun. The races gives you a reason to wear it, SO WHY NOT? It can be a floppy hat, fascinator or even a head chain. I've been loving the head chain, it a bit different and I'd never get a chance to wear it otherwise. 

Heels: Go for something you know you can walk or stand all day in. Shoes with a chunkier heel is probably your best bet (no pun intended). It would be more comfortable to walk in and prevent blister  that lasts for days. Also if you're going to be in grassed area, stilettos may sink into the ground they're probably no the best idea.

Sunglasses: JUST DON'T FORGET THEM! Especially if you're outside, if you're in a marque you may not need them.

Here's two pics from that day! 

If you're heading to the races have hope you have a fun day! 

Lots of Love,

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