Mani Mondays: Up the Ante


I'm back with another Mani Mondays..... finally! I don't think I've actually painted my nails since my last mani Monday due to uni. I actually did my nails this morning and I'm quite liking them. I used the Revlon Gel Envy in Up the Ante and OPI's it's frosty outside. I'd thought I would change it up with a statement nail since I haven't done my nails in a while and I quite like the use of a glitter statement nail, since it's super easy! I've never used the OPI glitter before but I'm loving the texture of it. It feels like sand paper but it a cool way. 

It's also uni holidays, which means A LOT more time on my hands! I think I'm also going to be youtubing more as well subscribe here if you haven't already! 

Lots of Love,

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