Melbourne: Places to Eat & Drink


This is part 2 of my adventures to Melbourne, which focuses on Places to Eat & Drink. I've done a part on places to shop & see!

Places to Eat
1. Top Paddock
 If you're heading to Chapel Street this is the place to fuel your shopping energy. It does some really appealing healthy breakfast and has modern interior. At Top Paddock I had the Avocado on Sourdough with Chorizo.

2. Manchester Press
Very Indie interior, it mainly sells bagels with different toppings. The portion is quite big and very filling, especially the sweet bagels! I had the salmon and cream cheese bagel whilst my friends had the fruit and nut bagel. I manage to devour all of my bagel however my friends did have some trouble although it was amazing, there was a load of mascarpone on their bagel, maybe share if you want to indulge in something sweet. It's located in an alley way with some amazing graffiti leading you in!

3. Little Cupcake
I had to share this one because I got the cutest cookie monster cupcake here (childish I know)! The cupcake also tasted pretty good!

4.The Hardware Societe
Such modern and chic interior. I got the signature baked eggs and it was amazing! Very filling though, so I didn't manage to finish it. It does get pretty busy so get in early if you can.

Places to Drink
1. Asian Beer Cafe
I went to the Asian Beer Cafe (ABC) on a Friday night, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Had some really good mainstream music blasting. It did get very packed though, which is expected since it was a Friday night. It has a chilled vibe to it.

2. Crofts Alley
This bar is located in a somewhat deceivingly scary alley way. The alley is filled with graffiti, which I believe has been commissioned, there are a couple of corners you have to take before reaching this place. The bar seems quite spooky, with lab-like interior. It was previously an asylum which explains the interior. They serve drinks with syringes and have a gurney, which is pretty cool!

3. Madame Brussels
This is probably my FAVOURITE bars we visited or maybe my favourite bar I've ever been to! It is too cute! It seems very posh and mimics a Wimbledon sort of vibe. Has amazing cocktails in so many different flavours! I recommend going in the afternoon as it has open seating on top of a roof. Its lovely watching the sunset!

This is the end of my Melbourne: places to visit! Some outfit post will be on its way!

Lots of Love Tanya

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  1. Amazing. Great post. Thank you for the recommendations!
    Lots of love, xx

    1. Thanks Maria! Hope you enjoy those recommendations if you ever go to Melbourne! Ps you have a lovely blog! :) x


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