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This week I headed down to Melbourne for a girls trip with Holly and Kate. Which included A LOT of shopping, numerous encounters with food and a little bit of exploring! I've compiled a bit of list, places to see and shop! 

Places to See
1. Hosier Lane
Typical Melbourne picture. The graffiti laneway. Best to go there during the day, to see the eccentric and colourful graffiti art! I probably wouldn't go after dark just for safety reasons but if you choose to, maybe go with a group!

2. Broad walk on the Yarra River
There are several pedestrian bridges that will allow you to walk from the city and dockland/southbank area. If you have time and desire a leisurely stroll and beautiful scenery this would be right up your alley!

3. Queen Victoria Markets
This has a mixture of shopping & food! You will see some adorable puppies and fresh flowers. In general, it has a very cultured vibe. You'll definitely find some bargains and gems in the shopping part  as for the food section, the food is very fresh!

Places to Shop
1. Bourke Street Mall.
It's filled with all the mainstream shop that you will need from Zara, H & M (went there a little too many times), Myer, David Jones and all the smaller speciality stores (Rubi Shoes, Steve Madden, General Pants co etc) 

2. The CBD area.
Around Burke Street Mall there are numerous shopping outlets, from high end to small boutique indie places. If you have time scour each little alley and lane way, you are bound to find many little gems. Plenty of shops down in Melbourne Central, QV & the Emporium.

3. Brunswick Street in the Brunswick Area
Make sure if you are going to Brunswick Street it is actually in the Brunswick area! (We did make it to another brunswick street but it was in Carlton). This area has some outlets cross with boutiques, they have Nobody, Alpha 60, I.D.S, Dangerfield and some op shops.

4. Chapel Street 
Once again we did end up on another chapel street which was not a shopping district. This shopping district Chapel Street goes straight from Church Street. It has brands from Topshop & American Apparel to smaller boutique brands. If you're GPSing you way there maybe put in Topshop as your destination to be sure that's the Chapel Street you're after!

That's all I have for places to see & shop! Next part will be places to eat & drink!

Love Tanya 

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  1. I haven't been to Melbourne in the longest time although considering I've been about four times, I'm shocked at how little I've done on your list! Think this calls for a trip sometime soon :)

    1. I hope some of these places will make it on your 'places to visit' next time you go!


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