Make up Mondays: Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara


I didn't think I could love any other Maybelline mascara as much as I love my Maybelline falsies! But after I tried this, it has become my go to Maybelline mascara since I got it. It has two sides to it, one for your upper lashes and the other for your lower lashes. I tend to use the lower lash on my top lashes which I think gives it more volume then got over it with the top lashes. You can most definitely use the lower lash formula for your lower lashes as well, I just prefer to use it on the top. It's around the same price as the other maybelline mascara and you get a dual usage. It's very wearable and stays on my lashes and doesn't smudge, which is always good!

Lots of love,

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