Merry Christmas


It's Christmas today, well technically it isn't when I actually wrote this but MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone, I hope you all had fun filled day. Last week I went to christmas party and I thought I would share some pics if you're in short of some Christmas inspiration!

It was a wonderful dinner party. We also made gingerbread men (most of them weren't actually men....). To get a little reindeer we just turned the gingerbread upside down and made a little reindeer face. There were naughty (alcoholic) and nice (non-alcoholic) drinks, which meant it was catered for driver and non drivers. everyone had a little santa hat or reindeer ears which was pretty cute, I wore a silver and black dress with some reindeer ears. I also clearly have a favourite reindeer........

Merry Christmas Everyone!
 I'm off on holidays, keep an eye out, could be some post coming though....

Lots of Love,

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