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If you follow me on my blog instagram you would've seen my post a couple of weeks ago when I got my little package from ASOS with my eyeko eyeliner. I needed a new liquid liner as my stila one has sadly come to end of its life! Since Alexa 'queen of eyeliner' Chung was the face of it and I had heard some good things about it, I gave this one ago. I thought I'd do a little comparison between the two. 

Packaging: The eyeko eyeliner I have is the Eyeko eye do liquid eyeliner. I love the packaging of it! One side of the pen it has the name 'eye do liquid liner' and on the other side it has 'that's where I draw the line'. I love the second quote, quite creative! I would love the second quote on a cute pen or something that is how much I love it. The Stila one is quite plain, just a black pen with the name. 

Control: The eyeko one has a thicker nib then the Stila one, which at first was a bit of a challenge to adjust to. But after using it a couple of times, I think I've got the hang of it. Both has a tapered tip which makes it easy to draw cat eyes. The eyeko one is thicker which makes it easier to fill in the spaces sometimes, and you do have thin nip for precision. The stila one might just be slighly more precise due to it's very fine nib.

Wearability: I do put on eye primer before I apply any of my eye products. The wearability of my Stila one really does 'stay all day' and doesn't smudge/move/transfer, except for some really hot humid days. The eyeko one does smudge sometimes, not really sure why, somedays it could be super hot and humid and I could have no smudging/transfer but other days same conditions there is a slight transfer. I wanna point out the slight! It is literally, like the littlest smudge just under my eyes, so honestly it's not a massive deal cos I will just run my finger over it and it comes off. But once again, it only happens on someday, most days I will wear it and it won't move at all. So if you're very prone to transfer probably try the Stila one over this but if you're not, give this one a go

Price: Both are around the same price. 

Other comments: The eyeko one says it lash enhancing, I'm not sure how that works. But I don't really think it's a lash enhancer, but I probably wouldn't buy a eyeliner as a lash enhancer. Both also say it's waterproof, I've never tried to go swimming with it but I know when I wash my face it will smudge, for both of them.

Overall: I love both eyeliner and would happily repurchase either if I ran out (probably whichever was the cheapest at the time). They do both smudge slightly from time to time but I'm honestly not sure why, could just be my eyes.

However I do want to try the Kat Von Dee tattoo liner.......which will feature in my US beauty wishlist when I get around to doing it this week...

Lots of Love,

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