Manicure Monday: Shellac Pink


I've seriously been M.I.A on this blog for the last week. Not exactly sure what I've been doing, seems like I've been doing anything but blogging. I was out a couple of days having had my wisdom teeth removed but it wasn't too bad for me. Other than that, I have no clue why I haven't been writing! Anyway back to manicure talk! I got my nails done yesterday, originally I was only getting a pedi but I ended up getting a pedi and shellac nails cos Chinese New Year is coming up this week and I wanted my nails to last. Last time I got shellac nails I loved it when it was on! It last maybe almost two weeks, before it started to look like it needed to come off. The shine of the polish is just amazing, which I love. I decided to get a baby pink colour. I just love this colour I think it makes your nails look so nice and pretty.

My only issue with shellac is that when it comes to taking it off, it seems quite bad for your nails, as it looks quite scratched afterwards. Last time I got them done, I went to the salon to get it taken off. But from what I've heard, you can take it off yourself, by putting acetone on a cotton ball and placing that on your nails then wrapping foil around it. Leaving it to soak before peeling it off. If I can get my hands on some acetone, I'm gonna give it a go, will definitely let you guys know if I do!

Lots of Love,

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