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 It was a while ago that I went to America but I figured that since some of my friends will be heading over there in a few months I would lend them of my experience and where I went.  I was there for a little over a week during the Christmas and New Year period. Here’s my top 10 places that I loved in NYC.

1. Liberty Island
Liberty island is where the Statue of Liberty is. In front of you is the statue behind you is New York skyline, both which are absolutely breath taking. We travelled over by ferry which didn’t take long, and isn’t too bumpy of a ride. My massive tip for this place is to RUG UP! There’s a café and a vistor shop there if it all becomes too much. But it’s such an amazing site that it’s worth braving the cold. So grab your scarf, beanie and every singlet jacket and layer up!

2. Times Squares
You see in movies and probably the most popular site when you think of New York. It’s hustling and bustling all day. I did go at a ‘peak hour’ time which was absolutely crazy. Hold on to whoever is with you cos you might just loose them that how packed it can get. Everyone’s moving. But I also went to time square at midnight for a little walk with my cousins while I was there that was actually really nice, there was few people walking around, but it was nice seeing Time square ‘quiet’. Also we did some shopping, yes at midnight!

3. Grand Central
There is a whispering hall which is SO cool! So one person stands at the opposite end of the square and whispers to the wall and the other person on the other side could hear quite clearly, which I was insanely fascinated by. If you’re a gossip girl addict like me just being in Central station makes you feel part of their world!

4. Shake Shack
After you’ve explored grand central there is a food hall downstairs this is where I got a shake and a burger and chips aswell! It was probably my favourite thing I ate. I loved it so much that I wanted to go to it in vegas (we didn’t unfortunately). The whole package is slightly sickening so maybe share the shake and chips

5. Empire State.
Expect to queue for a while. There are queues outside the that go around the corner. Then once you get in, there’s queues to go to the escalators then more queues to the lift. So expect some queues, I think it probably took us an hour maybe abit more to get in (which I believe is quite short, we went pretty early in the morning). But once you’re up there, the view is worth the queue, a 360 deree view of New York.

6. Central Park
It so calm compared to the other places in New York. I only saw one part of the park. You’ll also get to see squirrels as well if you’re there in the right season. They are so cute!

7. Nom Wah
This is an Asian tea parlour. It does the best dim sim type food and it’s super busy too. I was definitely very full after having pretty much everything on the menu. Also Margaret Zhang (one of my fave bloggers) went to Nom wah about a hour (according to insta) before I was there but I didn’t even know!

8.Carnegie Deli
So much meat! If you’re ordering one of their meat sandwich share it! There is a crazy amount of meat in this. By the end of this meal, I had had enough meat to last me for a while.

9. Eileen's Special Cheesecake 
This cheesecake place is amazing. Everyone had one each. Highly recommended it, after doing some shopping in Soho. It's quite a small place so it's more of a take out type of dessert oppose to a sit down. 

10. The Met
Met steps. I was on the higher steps just saying! If you watch Gossip girl you’ll know what I mean. But aside for the iconic steps, it is beautiful in there. Especially if you love art there are some insane sculptures and paintings. One of my favourites was the deer made from glass bauble.

These mainly are the tourist stuff, I had never been to NYC before that trip so it was only natural that I wanted to see all the iconic places. It slightly ironic that I have decided to write this blog post up while being the air to London. *I've been in London for a while now but I've been super busy and this has been sitting in the draft section ooopss 

Lots of Love,

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