My Favourite London Food Places


I think I'm gonna make a little list of my favourite london food list and even my maybe favourite clothing pieces and makeup (keep a look out on youtube for those). But since I forgot to vlog some of my favourite food places, but I definitely took a few (maybe a lot) of 'foodie' photo I decided to post on here. Sorry for the amount of brunch place, I'm a brunch kinda gal.

Shoryu Ramen
Shoryu Ramen
I went to this place so many times in the space of 5 months, it's ridiculous (I probably missed Asian food as well). They seriously do the best ramen I think I've ever had. It was about 11-14 pounds per meal. The gyoza there is also delicious. The portion are also very generous and will definitely fill you up. Little tip, if you're gonna order a ramen and a drink maybe share the gyoza with a friend cos you will definitely be in food coma after all that. Also the buns are 2 for 1 on Mondays, bargain & delicious.

The Breakfast club  
Another London favourite! This was my go to brunch/breakfast place. The burrito breakfast wrap was my favourite from this place. They also do a great peanut butter milkshake, awfully filling but awfully amazing! I did have this for brunch, yuck maybe, but it seemed too good to resist. 

La Creperie de Hampstead
La Creperie De Hampstead
The line for these are so long, but definitely worth the wait!!! They're also closed monday-wednesday's I think and open after 1pm every other day (check some other credible site for this, this was when I was there). My only issue with this place was that I couldn't choose between sweet or savoury, every single time! This place is definitely a cheap eat, I think it ranged for 4-8 pounds. Grab a crepe and have a little walk around Hampstead its beautiful! 

Gail's Artisan Bakery
There's a few of these around town. If you find one of them that does breakfast it's delicious. I know the one in Notting Hill does and it was the first place I went to when I went back to London, that's how much I love it. If you can't find one that does brekkie, their baked goods are equally as good!
This place is quite small tucked in behind a main street in Notting Hill. But does an amazing brunch! Also try the hash cakes they are delicious!


Another chainstore. This places does an amazing sunday roast. You're in London might as well try something traditional right? Probably on the pricey side of things, it's 20 pounds but if I was gonna have a traditional sunday roast I wanted a perfect one! If you can't tell already by the name, its only served on Sunday.

The Ivy 
This place is fancy! But their breakfast/lunch isn't too bad in price. The one in Chelsea has an outdoor setting which is lovely on a sunny day  (if you're there at the perfect time). The food is amazing and the portion size is really quite big! Also very instagrammable, marble tables checked, food presented well checked, coffee art checked. 

The Ivy-Chelsea

I didn't realise I had quite and extensive list and this list is getting quite long but some other favourites are:
-Bills (chainstore)
-Patty n Bun (another favourite from my pass london trip)
-Kensington creperie (another favourite from my pass london trip)
-Ginger & White 
-Coco momo
-Jamies Italian

One more thing, if you wanna see what I got up to in London click here

Lots of Love,

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