REVIEW: NARS Virtual Domination Palette


Only recently have I rediscovered my love for this palette. I think this was one of the NARS christmas palettes that came out end of 2014. I remember seeing this palette and I made my brother go to Sephora (cos he was overseas at the time, I wasn't and they didn't have it here) and get it for me as I thought it would sell out before I headed overseas. It has a highlighter, 3 blushes and a bronzing powder. They have some witty names too:

-Miss Liberty: This is the highlighter. It says it's a highlighting blush powder, but I don't think I would use this as a blush. It's very shimmery, which is why I would opt against it, but if you want to look like a glitter bomb then this would be perfect. It adds a nice shimmer for a night out but I would advise against this highlighter if you wanted a everyday look.

I personally think that all those blusher are very useable and work for everyday wear. My favourite one is final cut, I just think peach coloured blush suits me more. But in saying that the other two blush are just as flattering. They also last on the skin.
-Deep Throat: This is the top right blush. It is a soft pink peach colour.
-Sex Fantasy: This the lower left blush. It's the light pink barbie colour.
-Final Cut: This the lower right blush. It's the peach coloured blush.

-Laguna: This is the bronzer. This is most DEFINITELY my favourite thing in the palette. It works really well as a bronzer but also as a contour. It's quite pigmented however you depending on how much product you apply you can create a harsh line or do a light contouring. I don't personally have the NARS Ita brush but I have a very similar one, it works wonders when I use it with this product. Those two combination will definitely give you a killer of a contour!

 I'm not sure if you can get this palette anymore, but you can buy the product separately. But overtime they release a palette it looks amazing. One more thing the packaging I think is beautiful and just feels very sleek.

Hope you like this post!

Lots of Love,

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