Hawaii Part 1: Travelling to Maui


Sunset at our hotel

Sunset at the hotel



Kaanapali beach 

Napili beach

Napili beach

It's been a good while since I've posted! I've been doing a whole lot while I've been away, including travelling to Hawaii. A lot of amazing memories were made and of course a lot of photos were taken. I'm gonna call this part 1 of my Hawaii posts. We spent our first few days in Maui. The only thing I think I'll say about Maui is: YOU NEED A CAR! Yes there were buses, but unless you wanted to be trapped on a bus for hours, I would suggest a car, from day 1! We didn't and we didn't get very far but it was still very relaxing, lying on the beach and just being on holidays. We stayed at the Aston Kaanapali shores, the rooms there were quite big. But it was a good 10 min bus trip to Whalers Village where all the shops were/a decent beach were. The closest town to us was Lahaina, a cute little town, that have some good restaurants and broad walks that face the sea. The other day we had we spent a Napili beach, this place was beautiful and very relaxing.

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