Hawaii: Oahu Things to do


1. Visiting the North Shore
This is my top spot to visit! Constantly seeing the North Shore pop up on my instagram feed, put this place at the top of my list of to visit place when I was in Hawaii and it did not disappoint! We went on a day tour to the North Shore (with a company called The Surf Bus). In hind sight this was a great day out, I got to do the things that we wanted to do, like snorkelling at Shark Cove (beautiful place), paddle boarding and go to my must have Acai bowl place, Haleiwa Bowls. There's also a rock diving beach nearby but the currents were too dangerous....maybe next time?

2. Diamond Heads

This was lovely hike and highly recommended by everyone who has been on it! There is a incredible view of Waikiki and it beautiful on a sunny day. However I would highly suggest wearing joggers, even though some tourist sites have said you can do it in sandals. The paths are rocky and not all flat! We saw all ages on the tracks however there is a steep stair case and a longish dark tunnel however there is an alternative route that allows you to reach the top with out going through them. 

3. Snorkelling

The two places we went snorkelling were Hanamua bay and Shark Cove. The tourist destination for snorkelling is Hanamua bay however I liked Shark Cove a lot better. There were less people around, meaning you would get kicked in the face. I think we saw a lot more fishes there as well however if Hanamua bay is the only place you can visit, it's beautiful as well! 

4. Fort DeRussy
This beach is located just next to Waikiki beach, I think we were at this beach more than Waikiki. It's a bit quieter. There's a beautiful place to watch the sunset near the rocks. Behind you, there is also a magnificent view of Waikiki beach with Diamond Head volcano. You can get a post card shot right at this beach! 

5. Kailua Beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches, that we went to! However would not recommend on a windy day as you'll end up with sand through your hair and in your mouth! If you're in luck and go to Kailua on a sunny day, it is super relaxing.

There's my top five things to do in Oahu! I think I have one more post about Hawaii, a food one, coming your way.......soon.

Until next time.... 
Lots of Love,

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  1. This post makes me so sad/happy because I love seeing Oahu (literally one of my favourite places in the world) but now I miss it and just want to go back! They're acai bowls are so good there as well...

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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