101 to Eyebrows on Fleek | ft Benefit Browzing, Anastasia brow wiz, Soap and Glory Archery


The term eyebrow on fleek and having 'Cara' brows is all the hype in the beauty world for the past few years. So I thought I would give you an insight into the products I use to get those 'Cara' eyebrows. 

Eyebrow Pencils: 
If you have only started to fill in your eyebrows, the easiest product to use I think is the eyebrow pencils. I've put below 3, that I love to use. It's easy to control and doesn't require any additional brushes. Most of them also come with a spooly, which allows you to brush them into place. The Rimmel one is a pencil where as the the Anastasia and Soap and Glory are the twist ones. The twist ones allow more precision as the pencil is finer. Price wise, the Anastasia and Soap and Glory one's are around $20-$25ish, where as the Rimmel eyebrow pencil 
From Top: Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil, Anastasia eyebrow Wiz,
Soap and Glory Brow Archery

Everything else: Powder, Promade, Wax
These ones I feel can be quite difficult to master. Sometimes you do have to play around with them to perfect your technique. Which is why I suggest using eyebrow pencils for beginners.

Powder: I've got the Napoleon Perdis one in Espresso, lately I have been loving this product. This is actually an eyeshadow. Eyeshadows can be used to fill in eyebrows just make sure you've got the right shade and it is MATTE! I tend to use this with first brush (top brush), just an angled brush to fill in my eyebrows with feather strokes and then use the spooly to brush it out.

Wax & Powder: Benefit Browzing. I must say the first time I used this product I hated it, because I didn't know how to fill in my eyebrows and use it. A few youtube videos later, I'm in love with this product. It comes with all you need, but I clearly don't use the tool (one of them is still wrapped up). The small tools I feel are too small but I guess thats how it has to be to fit into a compact case and if you don't have any angleed brushes, the angled brush does the trick. I use the powder then fix it in place with the wax.

Pomade: I've got this Freedom one, I know the Anastasia one is the most popular one but I thought I'd go with a cheaper one to see if I liked it first. I must say the Pomade gives the most pigment and shapes the brows really well. However it because it is so pigment, you can end up over drawing the brows. I love using this the Barry M brush I have because it is quite dense and the brush keeps it shape. The eyebrow look can sometime be quite strong which I sometimes don't want, so I tend to leave this for when I'm doing a full look.

From L-R: Napoleon Perdis Espresso, Benefit Browzing, Freedom Promade 
The brushes I have are quite cheap ones. The two black one came in a brush set that I got on Amazon (pretty sure it's this one). The Barry M one I got in London, I think it was 3 pounds. For me these brushes work absolutely fine and really well. I recommend just finding any small angled brush. 

From Top: Angled brush, Barry M angered brush and Spooly

Set it in place: 
To set it in place I use the Kiko eyebrow designer. It's just a clear gel that sets you eyebrows in place to allow your eyebrows to stay on all day.

Hope this help you get those eyebrows on fleek & if you want an eyebrow video let me know! 

Lots of Love,

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