Manicure Monday:Removing Shellac


A couple of weeks ago I did a post on the shellac nails I got done. I had the shellac on for 3 weeks before I ended up taking them off on the weekend. The shellac had just grown out and it was starting to annoy me as it got caught on things.

The tools that I used are all in listed above. Pic 1 shows you my shellac nails. 
1. Use the buffer to buff the surface of the shellac. (pic 2)
2. Take a cotton ball and put a decent amount of acetone nail polish on it (IT HAS BE ACETONE REMOVER! from what I've heard acetone free removers don't work). Place that on top of the shellac nails and use foil to tightly wrap the cotton ball in place. (it can be quite tricky to wrap it up if you have someone to help you it might be easier.) This will prevent the acetone from drying out.
3. Leave for approximately 15-20mins. Remove one foil, to see if the shellac has somewhat come off (pic 3), if it has, remove the foil and cotton balls off the nail.
4. Use the cuticle stick to remove the shellac off the nails. Some may be easier to remove than others. If it is too hard to remove, do step 2 again on the nails for a couple more minutes. 

It does leave a bit of a mess (pic 4) which is why I would suggest having a piece of paper or do it somewhere where you can clean it up after without a hassle. 

As for how it left my nails (pic below). This was taken straight after I took it off. When I washed my hands I did have to scratch a bit off. But most of it was off, sometimes you do get a bit of the base coat still there but its clear. Definitely wash your hands with soap thoroughly and I moisturised my hands after just cos the acetone does make your fingers quite dry. 

Hope this helps! Let me know how you go if you do end up doing it yourself.

Lots of Love,

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  1. I love doing my own gel nails and taking them off. I find it really therapeutic.
    I like to apply a good couple of coats of the Sally Hannson 4in1 nail care in clear after I have taken my gels off. I find this helps nurse my nails back to health.

    Rosie's beauty

    1. I haven't tried applying my own gel nails yet! I was considering something like that, thanks for the advice! :)


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