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This is a super quick and random post as I need to get to uni! Well I don't know if some of you know but there's 40% off makeup at Priceline today and tomorrow which is quite a bit! So I thought I'd share this quick post about my top 5 chemist products to help some of you out!

AC on tour palette
I've had this probably for 2 weeks but I love it! It's kinda a replacement for my Nars (not that you can replace that) but for days when I'm not going anywhere special and just need some contouring or illuminator and I don't want to waste my Nars virtual domination palette! I like the 5th colour for contouring and the I love the 3rd colour as a illuminator. I would say its quite pigmented, I tend to sweep it with a brush then tap it off and then once I've applied it I need to blend otherwise it can be a bit too much! It is also super cheap!

Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat: 
I said I needed a top coat yesterday, I will probably most likely repurchase this one. Ever since I've used this my nails have dried faster and there's no marks in it. There's still a bit left in my bottle but I can't seem to get it out and the formular seems to have dried up slightly, but I've had it for maybe a year and kept using it. That's something I'll definitely get unless I find something else.

Maybelline Big Eyes Falsies:
This eyeliner I've talked about a while ago I think. I like that it has two bits to it, one for the top and on for the bottom lashes. I definitely is one of the best chemist mascara's I've used.

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil:
I have this in black brown, its been with me for ages, lately I have been using the Anastasia eyebrow along with this one, depending on where I'm going. This is my favourite eyebrow pencil for drugstore but my mum prefers a twirl up pen on, if you like those over pencil then grab the revlon one. But I like this one. The colour I've got can go on quite heavy, I've kinda learnt to not apply it too hard by drawing lightly.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer:
I think this is probably in everyones chemist makeup kit. It's just so good at concealing or using as a highlighter under the eyes. There's not much to say about it other than it's a fab concealer!

Hope this helps if you're planning on shopping! 

Lots of Love,

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