Tuesday: Tangle Teezer Review


Since I didn't post yesterday on Makeup Monday, I thought I would blog today! I got the tangle teezer a while back. You can get in Australia or on ASOS. I got it in this pretty gold reflective, which I just love cos I think the gold is super sophisticated.

Thoughts on it......
I had super long thick hair when I first got the tangle teezer and I was also in the States, most of time it was quite windy and ended up with super knotty hair. The tangle teezer made it so much easier to comb out the knots, easier than the paddle brush I had. The paddle brush made me feel like I was about to break the brush. The curve of the tangle teezer makes it easy to grip with your palms. It also fits very well into your hand. There is also a protective cover for the comb, which makes it convenient to travel with. If you have shorter hair that doesn't tangle I feel this is a good hair brush. I have shorter hair now and it's doesn't tangle as frequent,  I personally don't think you'll need a tangle teezer as you can brush it out with a normal brush. But since I do have a tangle teezer I most definitely love using it over a brush. Side note: Don't brush through your hair with it if you have product such as wax it in, it will get stuck on the comb! My brother decided to use try out my tangle teezer since it looked cool whilst he had wax!

So I would highly recommend this if you had very knotty hair, cos I loved it when I did and it was super easy to brush out!

Lots of Love,

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  1. I tried a tangle teezer years ago and it personally didn't work for my long, thick hair :(

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. I was surprised it works for me, I had quite thick hair. sometimes it did take a bit longer to take the knots out but it came out.


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